Griggs County Schedule

To Fargo:  Thursday—$10.00 round trip

To Valley City:  2nd Tuesday each month—$6.00 round trip

To Grand Forks, Mayville & Hillsboro:  4th Tuesday—$10.00 round trip

Within Cooperstown:  Monday—Friday—$1.00/ride

Cooperstown/Binford/Hannaford/Sutton:  upon request—$3.00 round trip + 50¢ per additional stop

To Jamestown:  1st & 3rd Tuesday—$6.00 round trip—will stop in Glenfield as requested

Cooperstown—Richard 789-0142                            Out of town—Gary 789-0236

No rides on weekends or holidays.


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Free rides may be provided through referral from Social Services.  They are to be negotiated
as a need arises.  South Central Adult Services does not have discounted fares.


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