Emmons County Schedule


     Within Linton:  Monday— Friday—$1.00/ride

     Within Strasburg, Hague & Hazelton:  Monday—Friday—$1.00/ride

     Next county rides:  $8.00 round trip

     Northern Emmons (Linton, Hazelton, Braddock) to Bismarck:  Monday through Friday—           $10.00 round trip

     Southern Emmons (Strasburg, Hague) to Bismarck:  Monday through Friday—$13.00 round trip

     To Fargo:  Thursday—$25.00 round trip

     To Jamestown:  Monday & Thursday—$15.00 round trip

     Rural Emmons County to Linton:  Monday—Friday as requested—$3.00 round trip


In Linton call 701-851-0589             All In-County rides call 701-851-0308

All other rides or for questions call 701-731-0072


       Shuttles are available from anywhere in Logan, McIntosh and Emmons counties Monday

through Friday to meet the scheduled Bismarck vehicles so that service is available to

Bismarck five days per week. 


       No rides on weekends or holidays.


       Free rides may be provided through referral from Social Services.  They are to be negotiated

as a need arises.  South Central Adult Services does not have discounted fares.